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Project Description
Easily manage your MMO guild online!
Guild CMS built specifically for the management and promotion of your guild.
Guild CMS is written using VB.NET and the .NET Framework 4.0.

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The goal of this project is to offer guilds their own guild management website of which they retain full control over. Guild webmasters can maintain full control over their own site allowing them to custom tailor the site to the look and feel they want and not be limited to a select few templates. Also webmasters will have the ability to add and edit whatever functionality is supplied due to the fact they have full control over the source code running their guild's website. All that is required to run the Guild CMS is a Microsoft Windows Server with the .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server Express.

This is a new project started from scratch so look for the first release of this system to be made available once the following features in development have been completed. Look for even more advanced features to be added shortly after as they have been completed. Once all the features contained under the "Current Features In Development" heading are complete a release will be made available.

Those interested in following the development of this project more on a finer level are encouraged to follow the project on Twitter at I will be doing my best to post status updates on current features in development, when milestones in the development stage have been passed as well as report news and information reguarding the project.

Current Features In Development
  • Full featured member management system.
  • Event calendar offering members the ability to sign up.
  • Ability to display current guild progression.
  • Recruitment application for recruting purposes.
  • Ability to display news on the site regarding your guild.

Future Features to be added...
  • User fourms.
  • DKP and EPGP support.
  • Raid attendance tracking.
  • Awarded loot tracking.
  • Item request system.
  • Live chatroom and shoutbox.
  • Newsletter system.
  • Even more to be added!

Interested in contributing to this project?
Please refer to the contribute page for more information on doing so.

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