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Contributing to the Guild CMS Project

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Guild CMS project. Contributions to this project are always welcome in many forms including bug reports and feature requests as well as patch submissions and requests to join the development team in order to directly contribute to the Guild CMS code base. If you would like to contribute to the project the following is a list of a few ways you may do so.

Contributing bug reports or feature requests.
If you would like to report a bug you have found or suggest a new feature please feel free to create a new work item by using the form found here.

Contributing patches for bug fixes or additional features.
If you would like to submit a patch to either address a bug found within the project or to add a feature you may do so by uploading your patch using the "Upload Patch" form found here.

How to create patches using either Codeplex or Subversion:
CodePlex: How to contribute to an Open Source project on CodePlex
Subversion: Creating and Applying Patches Using TortoiseSVN

Contribute by becoming a project editor or developer.
Project editors and developers are people who have shown a strong intrest in the development of this project by contributing to the project in the past through bug reports, feature suggestions and patch submissions. They may also be those who have proven to have a strong intrest in the project in other ways as well. Those interested in becoming a project developer and wish to make direct contributions to the projects source code are asked to review the Project Guidelines as well as review the projects Current Openings. If you wish to contribute to the project in this way you will need to contact the project leader at

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