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Guild CMS Developer Documentation

This section of the Guild CMS documentation is meant for those wishing to contribute to the project either via patches or as team members. This documentation covers the inner workings and design of the Guild CMS project and is generally not meant for normal end users who have or wish to deploy the system for use by their guild. How ever if you are an end user and you are interested in understanding how things work internally within Guild CMS you are more then welcome to read along.

Guild CMS is written using Visual Basic.NET 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for data storage. The solution contains three projects named Public, Administration and Database.

The public project contains the public facing portion of the system. This portion of the site is accessable by both anonymous visitors as well as guild members. The Administration project contains all forms and code to be used by the Guild CMS administrators when managing their website and is only viewable by authenticated administrators. The project titled Database is a Data-tier Application project containing both the database schema as well as all stored procedures and other database objects used by the system.

Below you will find the table of contents for the developer documentation describing how each portion of the system works as well as how to integrate or take advantage of the diffrent aspects of the system within existing or new code.
  • Membership System

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