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Guild CMS Membership Overview

The membership system utilized by Guild CMS centers around identifying members of your guilds community by their in game name. The system also takes into account at times users may change names of their characters as well as the main character by which they wish to be identified by. This means that at anytime a member can change their online identity within Guild CMS without the need of creating a new account or contacting an administrator to make what could become difficult changes to a system. What follows is a quick overview of the registration process as well as an overview of character management within the system.

The Registration Process:
A member registers using a login name and password of their choosing.
An email confirmation is sent to the member which they must respond to before their account is marked active.
The member is then able to log in and must supply information on at least one character which is marked as their main character.
Once a main character has been entered they are then refered to in the system by their chosen main character's name.

Character Management:
At anytime a member may add more characters to their account as well as change information for existing characters.
Members may choose a different character tied to their account as their main becoming the character they are refered to as.

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