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Project Guidelines

(rules to follow when contributing to this project)

Development Environment
This project will be written in Visual Basic.NET using the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 using WebForms. Any code submitted to the project must be able to run under this environment and any depreciated or soon to be depreciated code replaced by code compatable with this framework. Although the database structure should work on any Microsoft SQL Server platform 2005 or above developers are encouraged to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 due to the fact the database portion of this project is currently residing in a Data-tier Application which is a new application type just released with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

Source Control
Those contributing code directly to the projects source control found on CodePlex should be familiar with Subversion. Developers contributing directly to the projects source should be familiar with the tag, branch, trunk concept of source control. After the inital release development against the truck will be limited to minor bug and security fixes approved by a project coordinator. All changes and additions to the current source code must be done only within their own branch after which once approved the changes may then be merged into the trunk once ready for release and a tag has been created against the current truck. At no time ever will a change be permitted to any tag even when changes are made to fix a bug or secuity update.

Third Party Controls
Third party controls should be limited to those released, maintained by and/or promoted by Microsoft and contained within the .NET Framework. This includes built in controls contained within the .NET Framework as well the ASP.NET Ajax Library. Any third party controls outside those mentioned must be approved by a project coordinator and must comply fully to the license underwhich this project is released. Any controls not conforming to or may cause issues when distributed under the license which this project is released will not be accepted and removed promptly from the project.

The use of third party controls which provide needed functionality are for the most part not frowned upon but should be replaced by original control as soon as possible. Functionallity of third party controls should at some point, shortly after their introduction to the project, be replaced by original code as soon as possible to allow for a more open environment to those wishing ammend or improve the functionality the controls used within the project.

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